12+ Hilarious Russian Wedding Photos That Will Make You Feel Awkward

Ahhh, the Russians. Aren’t they special? Now, we don’t tend to offend anyone, but if you’ve been on the internet for the last few years you’ve definitely seen at least one crazy video from Russia. You certainly can’t define a whole nation by few examples.

But the truth is, Russians are just great at doing crazy stuff. The wedding photos you’re about to see are not exactly under the “crazy stuff” category, but they are hilarious.

We’ve seen plenty of creative wedding photos before, but they were all romantic with a touch of humor. But these photos, on the other hand, lack the romantic part.

Some of them are clearly planned to look hilarious. But the others are just…normal according to Russian standards.

Mortal Kombat

I Feel Like I Shouldn’t Be Looking At This

On The Way To Steal Your Man

Everyone Needs To Know

The Ariel Of Russia

Shower Her With Love

Take Us To The “Happily Ever After” Dream Bird

Now That’s A Man

He Sure Loves Watermelon

Family Portrait

Bride And Groom Releasing Doves Of Peace On Their Special Day

How To Keep A Man

This Really Looks Like The Best Day In Her Life

Now That’s A Dream Wedding

She Found Love At The Bottom Of A Bottle

Not Conforming To Gender Roles, I Guess

Have To Keep The Traditions Going

You Stay Right There Woman

And Now The First Dance… Wife: “I Got This”

When You Want A Childless Marriage

She Just Wanted To Get Some Attention On Her Big Day

Just Unexplainable

Trying To Reproduce The Painting

Is This Some Kind Of Russian Version Of Rapunzel?

Now I Just Have To Find A Shovel

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