12 People Who Are Living 3018 While We Are Stuck In 2018

Well they are smarter than we think because they don’t need any kind of television to entertain themselves as they are enough to entertain us with their daily antics. We thought doctors, engineers, scientist, etc. are smarter than us but these people just beat them with their uniqueness as they don’t live in 2018 but thousands year ahead of us.

1. This napper:

2. This unorthodox brusher:

3. This gamer/smoker:

4. This kid, who doesn’t have to worry about eating with just one hand:

This kid who went to a wedding where people have to eat sometimes by standing so the best he thought of eating is this way.

5. Very Nice View

Well we all went to the loo but we never thought that this could be that useful in near future.

6. Hmmm… I am Loving It.

So people now don’t worry if your soup is hot just try this new innovation at home.

7.  Genius Shot

When you can’t see anything from the field but damn you got brains and you know how to use it.

8. This Guy Need Oxygen

He really don’t know how to swim but this doesn’t stop him from trying as he went into diving with oxygen cylinders.

9. Flashlights like this:

No flashlights no problem because when you have torch you don’t need naything

10. Nice Cut by his self

This guy who thought of cutting his hair but in a unique way and we are surely loving it.

11. Balcony with Swimming Pool

Well salute to the boy or we say his parents because no one can pull off that much better swimming pool than him.

12. Well He Got Better Ideas Than Us

Well we thought pockets are for money or something but this little kid just got better ideas than us.


H/T: buzzfeed.com , genmice.com

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