12 Things in Life Whose Uses We Never Really Knew

We go through life taking it for granted not understanding or questioning the functionality of little things we use everyday. While there are many who couldn’t be bothered and regard such things as trifles, there are those who wonder at their existence. Here are 10 things with uses unknown to you.

Extra eyelets on sneakers

These are actually extra shoelaces holes top help you tie your sneakers in a better fashion and prevent blistering. The trick was to enable a wearer to create a heel lock or lace lock to secure the ankle in place and prevent friction which would cause blistering.

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The cylindrical structure attached to a laptop cable

This is called a Ferrite bead which contains a chunk of magnetic material. The cylindrical casing together with this element acts as an inductor and filter which reduces high frequency noise. It also prevents the cable from becoming a transmitter or receiver of radio waves as any long wire can work as an antenna.

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The Loop on a Shirt

You must have noticed the loop on the back of your shirts. That has been put there for a purpose although it looks like you could just snip it off. It is regarded as an accessory which you can use to hang your clothes or fasten a tie.

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The Blue portion of an eraser

When most of us were in school or college, we always assumed the blue part of an eraser was meant for erasing pen marks. However the blue part was meant to work as a brush for clearing specs of dirt left when erasing with the pink part. Since people failed to comprehend this functionality, manufacturers started promoting the blue part as an ink eraser.

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Little gaps in windows of a plane

These tiny holes contribute to saving your life. They prevent the breaking of window panels by maintaining a balance of pressure between the outer and inner window panels.

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A hole in a spaghetti spoon

The hole in a spaghetti spoon helps measure specific portions of spaghetti according ot a serving. The amount that fits into the opening on the spoon is a valid estimation of one serving.

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A smaller pocket within the bigger pocket of your Jeans

This feature can well be recognized in your Jeans. Believe it or not, but even when jeans were invented, people still used pocket watches. The smaller pocket was thus meant to accommodate a pocket watch.

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Additional piece of material accompanying new clothes

Among things with uses unknown, this is a neat idea provided by manufacturers to help you determine the effect of detergents on material which can’t prevent damage. However today you can use it also as a cloth sample incase you want to stitch another garment to match that, the sample comes in handy for the simple reason that the shade and appearance of material on a roller looks a tad different when finally stitched into a garment

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An opening in the highest point of a pen top

The main reason for an opening at the pen top is to prevent you from choking in case you swallow the pen top while nibbling on your pen.

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The Rivets on the pockets of Jeans

There are many things with uses unknown to us like the rivets on jeans and trousers prevent them from damage, wear and tear. Because of rough usage, jeans could easily tear at the seams. Rivets help keep the fabric from tearing at the seams.

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