15+ Pictures Prove That Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations. These rules are mandatory to be followed across the country and Japan is one of the most developed and disciplined nations in the world. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear weapon attack the country suffered a huge loss. The effects were inherited by the next generation, but the country bounced back with a lot of vigor and positive zeal. And today we see the results the country is a leading example for all the countries. Everything about this country is just perfect!

#1 Even if you lose something, you will find it exactly where you lost it

#1 Even if you lose something, you will find it exactly where you lost it


#1.1 Robots that serve food and drinks


#1.2 Cans that contain alcohol have braille pressed in at the top


#2 The toilets have a button that plays white noise so people can poop with peace


#2.1 A lamp in a Japanese hotel room that lights up half and half


#3 The drainage are so clean that you will see fishes in there


#4 Train passengers and railway staff push a train car in their effort to rescue a woman who fell and got stuck between the car and the platform while getting off


#5 This is how people obey the rules in Japan


#6 You can rotate the seat in any direction you want in the trains

#6.1 Designated smoking rooms on Japanese trains


#7 The umbrella lockers in Japan


#8 The toilet has a system of occupied/vacant toilets information


#9 Expectations Meet Reality In Japan


#10 The pack of chewing gum comes with pieces of paper inside for you to spit the gum into when you’re done


#11 This Japanese taxi has a button to request slower speeds


#12 You have to use different slippers while using the loo


#13 This hospital keeps glasses for patients with different prescriptions for filling out forms


#14 In Costco in Japan lines up their carts nicely at the food court


#15 The elevators in the office building have an umbrella sign that lights up if it’s raining outside


#16 Fitting Room instructions


#17 Vending machine in Japan selling farm fresh eggs


#18 Toothpick at a mall in Japan had a mint coated tip


#19 They produce square watermelon so that it fits easily in the refrigerator


#20 The handrail in Japan


#21 People in Japan reverse parks

Source: tinhtamvn

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