15+ Secrets Behind the Meanings of Famous Logos

Have you ever given a thought to what really inspired the designers while creating the most famous logos and what is the real story behind them? Perchance they happened to be some accidental creation?

Well! We were highly curious about knowing the answers to the logic behind the creation of these logos, so here we have made a list of some of the most intriguing and interesting among them. Have a look for yourself!

1. Toyota

Toyota has 3 intersecting ovals on the logo of the company, which as per them symbolizes the unification of the hearts of their customers and the core of Toyota items. The space out of sight shows their innovative infringements and boundless open doors’ ahead. When you look nearly at the covering ovals, you’ll see the word Toyota illuminated.

2. Formula One / F1

The Formula One Racing is an association, which took sport’s core esteems and connected them to its logo. As indicated by shading assessment, the dark shading speaks to assurance and power where as the red shading speaks to vitality and enthusiasm. The negative space amongst (F) and the red dashing stripes is the number (1) well another great play on the negative space.

3. Toblerone

Mondelez International the owner of the Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland. A city that is associated with bears. And if you look closely at the logo’s mountain you will see what is shrounded is not so much shrouded any longer.

4. Hershey’s Kisses

Famous for their amazing chocolates and appropriately themed amusement park. The most eminent, The Hershey Company’s – (Hershey’s Kisses) brand has a concealed logo – an extra kiss. Amid the letters (K) and the (I) there you can see Hershey’s Kiss marked in its logo.

5. Disney

The logo of the most renowned animation studio in the whole wide world has forever been a fairy-tale castle. In the start, the archetype model of it was Neuschwanstein Castle, which is in Germany. Though, the Cinderella Castle in the Disneyland, Paris came into existence in the year in 2006.

6.  Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo logo has a profound verifiable significance: the red cross originates from the city of Milan’s emblem, and the crowned bloodthirsty snake is an representation of the House of Visconti, which administered the city in the fourteenth century. Though, these snake bearing vehicles have slaughtered less individuals than other auto brands.


When you gaze at the Audi logo at first it seems simple and quite clear, however, that is not the reality behind it. Each of the circles signifies one of the four founding companies in the year 1932 that are (DKW – Horch – Wanderer and Audi).


SEGA stands for (Service Games of Japan) The Establishment initially provided pinball gaming machineries to the military bases.

9. Samsung

(Sam) in Korean means (3) and (Sung) stands for a (star) Thus, Samsung can be translated as (3 Stars) the figure (3) stands for something (great, numerous, and powerful)

10. E-BAY

The founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, made the main adaptation of his site when regardless he worked at Echo Bay Technology Group in Echo Bay, Nevada. Omidyar needed to enroll the site name EchoBay.com. In any case, it ended up being now being used, so he needed to abbreviate it to eBay.com. However, many still trust that eBay remains for “Electronic Bay.”

11. Levi’s

The point of a few organizations is to tell potential clients that utilizing their items will improve one’s life. What did Levi do to breath life into this thought? Inside the logo, he innovatively “shrouded” the piece of the body that we as a whole need to feature by wearing pants. Presently you won’t have the capacity to unsee it!

12. Durex

The name of this British contraceptive business company stands for (Durable – Reliable – Excellence)

13. Cadillac

The founder of Cadillac – Henry M. Leeland, entitled his company after his forefather, the French explorer – Antoine Laumet De La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac.

14. Pandora

Danish jewelry store Pandora has also used mythos in its name. What Pandora means is (the all-gifted) in the ancient Greek. Conferring to the myth, Zeus regimented the creation of Pandora, the first ever human woman, for punishing people for stealing the secret of fire from the Prometheus.

15. Fanta

Max Keith, the chief of Coca-Cola’s subdivision in Germany during the World War II, decided launching a new product in the market. So the name for the new beverage resulted from an association amid Keith and his workforces. Keith inquired the staff for using their imagination (fantasie) in German language. Joe Knipp, who was also present there, thought and suddenly said, ”Fanta”.

16. Pepsi

This looks completely sick, doesn’t it?

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