16 Photos Which Will Make You Believe That Destiny Works In Mysterious Ways

There is always a debate going on the topic of existence of destiny, fate or luck, a good number of people believe that these are merely words used by the weak people to hide their shortcomings. While on the other hand, there is a group of firm believers who very strongly believe that they are not just words, they are powers which play an important part in our lives.

Whether you believe in destiny or not, but you must have encountered at least one situation in life, the happening of which can’t be explained by any logic. We are not going to take any sides but we are going to post 21 photos for you that will prove the power of destiny and we are sure you will be left amazed after watching these photos:

1. Same age, same place for vacation, clicked in same style

This couple didn’t met each other till the age of 30 but when they were 10 yrs old, they both went to same place for vacation and got clicked in the same style too. They displayed this photo frame at their wedding and we are sure that this co-incidence must have left many in a surprised state.

Image Source: imgur.com

2. Love at first sight

Alex fell in love with Adam at first sight when they both were 13-yr old but then they separated. However, life gave them a second chance and they met at a relative’s wedding and this time, Alex decided to tell Adam about her feelings. They both are 24 now, married and proud parents of a son. Life will definitely give you a second chance, just make sure that you don’t miss it like the first one.

Image Source: imgur.com

3. Childhood friends, got separated, Facebook comes to the rescue

Social media sites such as Facebook, Orkut, etc., have played an important role in helping people find their old friends and loved ones from whom they have separated long ago. Same thing happened with Michael and Natali, both were born in Saudi Arabia, they were childhood friends but then they got out of touch. However, after 20 years, they got together with the help of Facebook and now they are married.

Image Source: www.instagram.com

4.Met at music festival, an unexpected place to meet true love

Whenever you think of finding true love of your life, you will probably keep music festival at the last spot in terms of places where you can find your true love. Music festivals are known for party, booze and casual hookups but this couple met at Woodstock and they are together for 48 years now. Just be alert and keep your eyes open, you can find your true love anywhere.

Image Source: providr.com

5. Got clicked in family photo but fell in love after 7 years

A person becomes a part of a family photo of a family whom he didn’t knew while on the trip to Rio de Janeiro, as you can see a person standing aloof. However, after seven years, he fell in love with a girl of the same family and then they came to know that they entered each other’s life seven years back, unknowingly.

Image Source: redditmedia.com

6. Childhood friends, got separated, met after 20 years

You must have heard stories of couple being childhood friends, lost touch and then they met after 20 yrs and get married. Well, this couple has almost same story as they were pre-school friends but lost touch of each other and then they meet at a friend’s place after 20 yrs and started dating and then got married.

Image Source: pomada.cc

7. Got married first and then realized that they have met earlier

Aimee and Nick got married to each other and one day they sat together to take a look at each other’s old photographs. Suddenly they saw a photo and realized that they have already met each other in an amusement park at a very young age. They both used to live in different countries at that time.

Image Source: baomoi.com

8. Meet love when you least expect it

It is pretty clear in the photo that the young girl is not very happy about being invited for a dance by the boy at their school party but she didn’t had any idea that some years later, she would be dancing with the same guy and he will be her husband.

Image Source: pikabu.ru

9. Find love on Twitter

You can find a lot of things on social media networks and love is also one of them. The lady was trying to get the tickets of a local event at the zoo and the guy had an extra ticket. The conversation started and they realized that they are meant for each other, everything from the special moment of proposing to the wedding was Twitter-themed. As we said earlier, you can find your true love anytime, anywhere.

Image Source: www.instagram.com

10. Neighbors at young age and still together

Married for more than 25 years, this couple used to be neighbors at the age of 2 and 4. Despite getting separated they met again and got married.

Image Source: www.instagram.com

11. From online romance to real romance

Britney, who worked in a store, started chatting with a guy and they both felt the connection between them. However, when the identities were revealed it was found that they both work at the same store and their online romance turned into real romance.

Image Source: brightside.me

12. So amazing to realize that they knew each other from young age

The couple got married and while looking at the old photos realize that they met each other first time in Kindergarten school.

Image Source: cheezy.me

13. Just realized they met at young age

This couple used to think that they met through a dating website but when they had a look at old photographs they realized that they knew each other since kindergarten.

Image Source: brightside.me

14Twitter again played cupid
Ruby and Kevin got to know each other through Twitter and these are the photographs exchanged by them before they met in real.

Image Source: www.instagram.com

15. High school sweethearts

Ned Meara and Renee CucciaMeara met each other in high school, Ned was a star football player while Renee was the cheerleader. Since then, they both have been together, married and parents to two kids.

Image Source: brightside.me

16. Reunion after 7 years

They both were in the same class in high school but with different friends groups. They met after seven years and instantly the spark ignited.

17. Preschool sweethearts

Justin and Amy met on a dating site when they were 32 years old, but little did they know that they were preschool sweethearts. In fact, Justin’s first crush was Amy in preschool and when they had a look at the old photographs, they both were seen sitting beside each other.

18. Facebook helps again

The couple was childhood friends when they were in Switzerland but got separated as boy’s family shifted to USA. Years later, the families come together with the help of Facebook and they both felt the instant connection.

Image Source: vietnammoi.vn

19. True love always return

They were in love at the age of 15 but boy’s family moved to Argentina from Canada after his mother’s death. But he came back after few years and then the romance rekindled.

Image Source: daubao.com

20. Met in Kindergarten but reconnected with the help of Facebook

They were in same class in school but later got separated, however, got connected when the boy made a comment on Facebook. Now they are married and parents to two kids

Image Source: www.instagram.com

So, what do you think of destiny now?

21. The moment of realization – Destiny is always doing its work!

When the husband saw this old photo of his wife, he realized that they crossed paths 11 years before he met her. Strangely, they didn’t know each other at that time but he got clicked in the photo behind her. What else can it be called other than the power of destiny?

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

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